ROYAL Series Gold Boutique
Gold Boutique

A bathroom that makes you special!

Bathroom Remodeling Full Package Gold Boutique

Gold Blutique is a luxury boutique concept bathroom that mixes
the points in a modern classic theme with rose gold

Gold Boutique Module

It is a bathroom specially designed for beauty and self-management, and it creates an elegant and luxurious space that feels like care in a high-end shop

Shower module
Wash Basin Module
Toilet module

Under counter typed basin

A washbasin insert in a cabinet

It is easy to design and clean with under counter type washbasin type inserted into the cabinet.
It is a top-class washbasin that can be arranged and organized around the washbasin

Pink gold faucet

The shimmering pink gold color captivates the eye and offers
the best luxurious bathrooms with luxurious comfort.

One-piece skirt type toilet

Elegant curves are emphasized on the subtle bottom line,
and the finest toilet bowl with aesthetic beauty and clean finish

Storage mirror

a three-stage cabinet applied to the frame of the mirror door with rose gold color

Pink Gold Rain Shower

Top-rated showerhead with temperature control and water control with swivel handles on both sides

The thermostatic shower with shape memory alloy (SMA) keeps the water temperature
at the desired temperature constantly, allowing you to wash away the fatigue of the day.

Washbasin module mirror

Rose gold-colored metal frame makes
more luxurious round type mirror

Towel hanger and rack

Ring type rose gold color towel rack

Shave mirror

Excellent quality with strong durability that does not rust
with 360 degree rotating mirror of both sides enlargement

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