HwaSeong Center Map

R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8
R1 Main building
  • 4FSecretary office, CEO's office
  • 3FR & D Center
  • 2FManagement Headquarters
  • 1FLounge, Consultation room
R2 Education Center
  • MGrandstand
  • 4FGym, Shower room
  • 3FSeminar Room, Lounge
  • 2FClassroom, Lounge
  • 1FLounge
  • B1Exhibition hall
  • B2Machine room
R3 Training center
  • 3FAccommodation House, guest room
  • 2FAccommodation House, shared living room
  • 1FSingle room, shower room, locker room, linen room
R4 Art House
  • 3workshop, accommodation
  • 2workshop, accommodation
  • 1workshop, accommodation
R5 Assembly B/D
  • 4FOffice, Relax room, shower room
  • 3FAssembly place, parts room
  • 2Foffice, Relax room, shower room
  • 1FAssembly place, warehouse
  • B1office, shower room
  • B2Assembly site, warehouse
R6 Production B/D
  • 4FRestaurant, restaurant, production center,
    quality laboratory
  • 3Fproduction site, parts warehouse
  • 2FPrivate meeting room, common room, shower room
  • 1Ffloor of fisheries factory
  • B1Machine room
R7 Plastic factory
  • 3FProduct warehouse
  • 2FAssembly Field, Assembly Warehouse
  • 1FInjection (large) molding room, injection (small and medium molding) room, crushing room
R8 Ceramics
  • 3FProduction department, warehouse
  • 2Foffice, common room, shower room
  • 1FSmall growth, development room, faucet warehouse
  • B1Manufacturing, warehouse
R1Main buildingMain Office & R&D Center Scale : 3,000 pyeong(9,900SQM) / 4 floors above ground

The headquarters with its administrative
headquarters and research center is equipped with research facilities
for the development of high value bath products by Royal & Company

R2Education CenterROYAL Academy Center Scale : 2,200 pyeong(7,260SQM) / 1 basement level, 4 aboveground floors

The training center has concert halls, academy rooms,
bathroom showrooms, art galleries and an indoor
gym on the fourth floor

R3 R3Training centerTrainning Center Scale: 400 pyeong(1,320SQM) / above ground 3 stories

Training center has a common room for more than 100 people,
a double room, a special room, a shower room and a cooking room.

R4Art HouseArt House Scale: 20 pyeong / ground 3 floors on the 2nd floor

The three-story Art House is a residential space to support talented artists and
provides a work and residential complex.

Residence System
R5 R5Bath Outlet Scale: 4,600 pyeong(15,180SQM) / 2 basement floors, 4 ground floors

Bath outlets and Food & Bakery are supplied to sell all of the bath related products at the first time in Korea.
There are two international tennis courts on the roof.

R6 R6Production B/DProduction Factory Size: 12,000 pyong / 2 basement floors, 4 ground floors, 6 soccer fields

Royal’s faucets, bidets and strategic products are produced in this production building.
There is a bigger sky garden on the roof,
There is a large restaurant and a central garden in front of the
restaurant which can accommodate more than 500 people.

R7Plastic Factory Scale: 2,500 pyeong(8,250SQM) / three floors above groun25

Bidet and bathroom resin products are produced at this B/D.

R8Ceramic & Logistics Scale: 10,000 pyeong(33,000SQM) /
1 basement level, 3 aboveground levels

The Royal and Company's sanitary ware factory and
advanced logistics center are baked by craftsmen.