ROYAL Series Premium Suite
Premium Suite

Artistic and sensuous bathrooms reminiscent of galleries!

Bathroom Remodeling Full Package Premium Suite

The Premium Suite creates a totally static yet distinctive
space through gray tone tile and 3-dimensional point tiles.

Premium Suite Module

The gallery's spacious and tranquil bathroom layout and the bathroom accessories
and objects make up the object that makes users feel like they are enjoying their work in the gallery.

Shower module
Wash Basin Module
Toilet module

Wash Basin

Washbasin with emphasis
on a rusty ball border line

  1. It produces a stylish atmosphere with a console-type faucet.

Top bowl that gives a sophisticated and elegant image through smooth curves

Ceramic integrated bidet

The best luxury bidet which is Ideal design, stability and advanced features equipped with !

Bottom cabinet

It is applied to the basin stand and the bottom shelf with marble
to express the luxury and cleanliness of the bathroom.Material : Artificial marble / Size : 1200(W)X748(H)X200(D) mm, 2000(W)X600(H)X70(D) mm


Realizing the openness of the bathroom by applying a large mirror Size: 500(W)x1300(H)x50(D) mm


The stand-alone bathtub made of new materials is an
item that completes the luxurious bathroom interior.

Product Lineup