Art House

In the best environment for artists in all fields of contemporary art,
such as media, installation, sculpture and painting, in order to concentrate on creative activities,
we provide space for work and residence for a certain period and run
a residency program that promotes artists.

The studio is made up of three independent buildings, one of which is a writer or a team.
It will be supported from one year to two years. For the residents,
the software support such as general support, promotion support,
and project execution support is also performed at the same time.
The residency program are operating and announced as traces and displayed throughout the exhibition. throughout the Hwaseong Center
Through the art house of the Royal, the skill of the Royal metal and pottery craftsmanship and the creation of contemporary art.
We hope that it will bring synergy effect to connect.through the expanded space and diversified programs, we will continue our business activities at the Hwaseong Center.
We will pursue new values that connect creatively with the enterprise-art