ROYAL Series Universal Classic
Universal Classic

Private bathroom for the silver generation with care!

Bathroom Remodeling Full Package Universal Classic

Universal Classic is a bathroom package for all ages.

Universal Classic Module

Tiles of natural color and wood pattern create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
The elderly handles and shower chair / touchless toilet seat also reduce the anxiety experienced by senior users when using the bathroom.

Shower module
Wash Basin Module
Toilet module

Wash Basin

Flat Extruded Washbasin

  1. 1 Luxurious washbasin to provide a classic atmosphere and a sense of stability to the rectangular type
  2. 2 SIZE: 525 x 450 x 488mm
Touchless Automatic water drainer toilet
  • 1Innovative Touchless Toilet in response to consumer needs for hygiene and ease of use in the use of toilet bowls
  • 2After using It senses hand around sensor window and automatically drops water to prevent bacterial infection or cross contamination
  • 3Bottom design of round skirt-type with side line point product that matches the space and the highest quality toilet
Shelf-type shower

Shelf-type shower reflects user's convenience trend.

  1. 1 It is a space-efficient product, such as a narrow bathroom,
    and can be used with a regular feeling of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc.
  2. 2 The front part of the shelf is designed to serve as a guide to
    prevent dropping when storing bathroom accessories and can be used safely
  3. 3 Structure with tempered glass shelf and water drop structure for easy cleaning and maintenance
  4. 4 White Body makes bathroom more luxurious
Sliding Mirror cabinet

The sliding door and flap type coexist in the door, In pursuit of a beautiful design,
, install the light under the bottom of the bathroom and improve overall mood Material: PS / Size : 1200(W)x580(H)x166(D)mm

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