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Durable products that everyone can trust and use, sophisticated design, convenience, water saving, etc. We are dedicated to each product to give satisfaction in every way.

The superiority of the product is visible to the invisible place.
Royal public toilets for long-term use without breakdown

Royal & Company is a well-known company in the field of public toilets.
It is because of its durable durability, strict production control and quality inspection that you can use with high quality products at ease.
Based on the corporate philosophy of the Royal who wants to enhance the convenience of various life, "Based on the personalized bathroom products that are designed for the handicapped or silver layer, customized design that can be used in accordance with the body of children, We are contributing to the development of culture, making efforts to communicate with users and create communicative toilet space

Royal Public usage


Automatic thermostat shower Acquired KS certification for the first time in 2017

It is the first thermostatic shower with shape memory alloy (SMA) developed for the first time in Korea.
It reaches the set temperature quickly and has excellent durability and can be used semi-permanently.
There is no temperature change in the water when you pause and then restart.

All about Automatic thermostat shower
Structure and Operation Principle
Shape Memory Alloy Features Shape memory alloys are alloys that have the property of returning to their original shape

The SMA spring senses the temperature of the mixed water and automatically adjusts the flow rate of hot water or cold water to which the regulating valve is fed by the balance of the SMA spring force and the base spring force according to the sensed temperature, So that a constant temperature is always maintained.

구조 및 작동원리
Shape Memory Alloy Features Easy temperature control

By adjusting the scale of the temperature control handle to the desired temperature, you can get the desired temperature immediately.
Temperature control is simple

Comfortable at moderate temperatures

Constant temperature is always maintained even when water pressure or temperature changes

Safety button protects against burns

The temperature control handle has a 40 ° C safety button, so if you do not press the safety button, There is no danger of burning because it does not come out.

Excellent durability compared to WAX type (semi-permanent) Fast temperature response rate

The temperature response time is faster than the WAX type, and the time to start is quicker than the adjusted temperature, and there is no overheat shock in the WAX type.

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Automatic Lavatory Faucets

Auto Suspension 900 Series
  • A dynamic line design with wave motif to create a new style in Royal
  • Application of new concept detection sensor provides detection reliability and ease of use different from existing products
  • Excellent usability due to wide body detection
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Hand Dryer

The multiple facilities that many people use together are at risk of exposure to various germs and viruses. The Royal Air Towel provides personal hygiene, ease of use, stability, and economical benefits.

Stylish design

It is a product that has been consistently loved and proven as the representative air towel of Royal. It is a simple yet sensible design product with a square line of luxurious and rounded edges.

Powerful performance

This powerful motor turbo fan is a high-speed product that quickly removes moisture from your hand. The mounted BLDC motor can be used semi-permanently.


There is a filter net in the air intake part, so dust can not accumulate inside and it can be used as clean wind. It is hygienic because the water does not splash on the floor because it is integrated with water basin, and water is not splashed to the user Has been.


Bimetal switch and temperature fuse function stops internal high temperature and abnormal operation. It cuts off the fuse when the electric voltage is over current. With the timer function, the operation is cut off for safety in case of abnormal operation. I am spiritual ABS material.


You can choose between hot and cold weather depending on the season.
전면 커버를 분해 하지 않고도 외부에서 감지거리 조절이 가능합니다.


Compared to using paper towels and roll towels, it is economical because it does not require maintenance costs.

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Automatic Flush Valves

Toilet detector When you use it, you can feel the excellence and differentiation of the Royal detector product line.

The application of the new concept detection sensor provides different sense reliability and ease of use than existing products. The automatic cleaning function, which is optimized according to the usage environment, can prevent water waste.

Product Features
  • It can be used conveniently by applying water sensor automatically by applying a human body sensor, You can eliminate the feeling of unreasonableness.
  • By using the booster circuit, stable constant voltage can be used until the consumption of the battery is over.
  • It is possible to construct in any environment and it is possible to clean large / urine.
  • It is a high performance piston made of metal and has stable washing flow rate and excellent durability..
  • Adopting a metal cover that does not discolor, it has excellent design and durability.
  • The wash rate is automatically adjusted according to the usage time.
  • If you do not use for a long time, the unit will be protected with a 24-hour cycle to protect the faucet piping.
  • The water saving effect compared to the general feces
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Grab Bars

Handles for the disabled The most comfortable, moments that make you forget your disability are happy lives.

This product is specially designed and manufactured ergonomically for all those who are looking for more safety and convenience when using the bathroom as well as the disabled.
Royal is devoted to every single product so that the bathroom becomes the most comfortable and safe space for everyone.

Product features
  • Maintain cleanliness with luxurious brass material, reliable quality in domestic production
  • No fear of discoloration, solid, grip (Grip) features excellent sensitivity
  • Convenient use of corner curve structure in round design considering stability
  • Diameter 34mm It reflects the physical condition of the elderly weakened weakness with outer diameter as much as possible
  • There is a cover, clean finish after installation
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RSP400 Series

Stainless steel pipe is treated with non-toxic PVC coating to make it feel soft and warm in winter.
It is hygienic and antibacterial effect and antistatic effect because it can be cleaned with a wet cloth without rust by applying a clean coating.
Stainless steel material superior in strength and durability to conventional brass.
Compared with conventional products, pipe connection structure is simple and easy to construct.. Flange part of wall installation part has better strength than conventional screw assembly method

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