Royal Art
Royal Art

Completion of the state-of-the-art bathroom that fits your senses and your eyes

Bathroom Remodeling Full Package Royal Art

We propose differentiated bathrooms with luxury and new technology.
User oriented packages that the existing spout [Faucet] disappeared basin
and 1,200mm cabinet etc can be used as a shelf

Wash Basin Module

1. The most luxurious washbasins with square frame

  1. 1. A revolutionary faucet with a perfect sense of unity between pottery and faucet without spout
  2. 2. Waterfall type of soft natural water
  3. 3. New conceptual control panel of dial way for luxurious images and interior effects
  4. 4. Dial design applied round hairline polishing technology applied to advanced audio and advanced sedan Aluminum edge finish to accent
  5. 5. Easy operation with two handles, excellent grip and fine adjustment
  6. 6. The upper part of the control panel made of tempered glass can be used as a shelf,
    Aluminum edge finish to accent
Sliding mirror cabinet

Mirror and one slide method on the front1. A bath room with enhanced space efficiency and practicality
2. The inside of the door provides a spacious storage space.
3. A mirror is attached to the back of the cabinet, so you can feel the depth
4. It is safe to open and close left and right by applying advanced left and right damping rails.
5. Built-in small storage box for easy storage of small items for each usage
6. Size : 1200 x 800 x 190          
7. Material: PS, Aluminum, Mirror

HD Bidet

Touch display button on the hidden display, simple design1. Control button displayed only in operation (auto on / off)
2. Simple and stylish design
3. Convenient and pleasant feeling of touch-type button
4. Three step power-saving buttons for energy saving
5. Can be installed in various designs of toilet pottery
6. Round type body design

Toilet bowl

A simple design that excludes unnecessary curves.
Developing technology to maximize cleaning and drainage compliance by optimizing internal structure
Developing technology to maximize cleaning and drainage compliance by optimizing internal structure

Shelf shower

Shelf function and hand shower angle and height adjustment function. Guide bar on the shelf
Mounting and applying white color to create a more luxurious atmosphere

* Bathtub is provided with bathtub shower

8mm tempered glass(with upper safety bar)


Acrylic material bath with little discoloration, apron bath side storage space

Wall tile

Tiles produced by RoyalColor : Grey
Size : 600x300mm

Point tile

Color : Modern grey
Size : 600x300mm

Floor tile

Slip resistant non-slip type tileColor : Dark grey
Size : 300x300mm

Ceiling material Flat type and Dome alternatives

Ventilator Low noise / high performance Himpel’s fan

Lighting(LED light)

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