commbath R4
Communication with bathroom R4!

The fourth story of the Comm Bath product that keeps
communicating with the bathroom! R4 Standard!

Beyond the bathroom!
Innovative products and unique designs that look
10 years later make your bathroom amazingly changeable.

Communication with bathroom R4! The beauty of simplicity of advanced panel structure,
Beauty of temperance, beauty of space

Consistent concept and unified design
User-centered and considered design
From development to launch with famous design company in the UK
Collaborative project progress

Features and components
R2 Shower Module more Toilet Module more Wash basin module(With storage) more Shower tall furniture more Two-stage mirror cabinet & Mirror shelf more
R4 Shower module
  • 1.New high-class shower with shower and shelf
  • 2.New products with product design and shelf practicality at the same time
  • 3.Emotional design with philosophy of UK famous design company
  • 4.The side bending type of square pipe produces a more luxurious bathroom
  • 5.Realize a sense of quality with a furniture-type body
  • 6.Metallic Silver Material Pipe
  • 7.Shelf, high-grade tempered glass and rounded front rim to consider safety
  • 8.Convenient Dial Method
  • 9.SIZE : shelf length 503mm, pipe length 1,150mm
R4 Toilet module
  • 1.The product that combines the mirror mirror and the bathroom mirror and shows the unity and simplicity of the module
  • 2.Luxurious and sophisticated design by applying high quality furniture (cover) instead of toilet tank
  • 3.Apply a luxurious, easy-to-clean skirt-type toilet seat
  • 4.Can be used as shelf function on toilet seat furniture
  • 5.Apply handle designed with advanced lever type
R4 Basin module Standard basin faucet
  • 1.Attractive high-end washbasin with square frame
  • 2.A revolutionary faucet with a perfect sense of unity between pottery and faucet without spout
  • 3.Waterfall type of soft natural water
  • 4.Dial-type new concept control panel for luxurious image and interior effect
  • 5.Dial design applied round hairline polishing technology applied to advanced audio and advanced sedan
  • 6.Easy operation with two handles, excellent grip and fine adjustment
  • 7.The upper part of the control panel made of tempered glass can be used as a shelf and finished with aluminum edge to emphasize luxury.
Standard Washbasin sub cabinet
  • 1.Washbasin and bottom part are designed in one piece, satisfying both design and storage
  • 2.Apply high-grade high gloss finish to PS material that does not deform in humid bathroom
  • 3.It has no corrosion due to moisture or mold and it is durable and can be used semi-permanently.
  • 4.With drawer type of ball rail type, smooth opening and closing with less force
  • 5.Easily store common toiletries and hide piping neatly
Advantage of two handle ways

(Left) temperature control handle, (right) flow control handle,
It is a classical and solid atmosphere and is applied only to high currents.
If you set the desired temperature with the handle, you can use it at the same temperature every time
(No need to adjust the temperature every time)

R4 Shower tall furniture module
  • 1.Front mirror makes bathroom look bigger and brighter
  • 2.You can look at yourself in the shower and use it comfortably in a shower or a mirror in shaving
  • 3.It is possible to arrange neatly by three-stage storage space that can arrange bathroom goods
  • 4.Advanced damping rail and door opening / closing directions
R4 Bathroom furniture module
  • 1.Bedroom with both front and rear mirrors (shelves)
  • 2.High-grade high-gloss materials Use high-gloss materials
  • 3.British Design Company
  • 4.Breathe in the gray color that does not get tedious over time
  • 5.Panel structure showing the high quality of the square by the squareness of square
  • 6.Efficiently manage bathroom amenities with advanced day shelf
  • 7.Application of exclusive engineering material for bathroom, which is resistant to moisture and water
  • 8.Non-corrosive material Mirror that does not corrode after long time
  • 9.Mirror cabinet can be opened and closed safely by applying advanced damping rail and can be installed according to door opening / closing direction according to bathroom structure
Next Generation Emotional Bathroom

Based on the true value of the beautiful bathroom space, modular system, and long investment and design efforts
Completed bathroom with sense (joint development project from design to launching with UK design company)
Based on the philosophy of Royal & Company

Integration of next generation technology

[Shelf-type rain shower] High-end shower with square metallic silver pipe and furniture-type body to high-grade tempered glass
[Wash basin faucet] With new concept faucet without spout
Water is designed to come out like a waterfall calculated Innovative Faucets.
Calculated Innovative Faucets
[Control Panel] The new concept control panel (washbasin, shower)
Un-comparable Royal’s crystal technology !!

High-end model line-up

May 2016 Composed of the latest new package
(Washbasin module, toilet module, shelf type rain shower, two-stage mirror cabinet)
First release for full-option bathroom at GS TV Home shopping as a special promotion event

Pursuing customer satisfaction

Based on the authenticity of customer's emotions and sensitivity, the package that was created by product development and quality research
Royal’s reputation that uses 10 years without a trouble, gives users high satisfaction and confidence.

Reasonable price meeting

Offering the finest Royal’s products with the best service and reasonable prices
Unmatched high-end products at the same price range as other companies

Pleasant storage space satisfaction

Inner storage space for organizing bathroom products in the right place for cleaner and more organized bathroom
The washbasin and the toilet are designed as an integral type and designed with maximum consideration of space efficiency and design.
The advanced shelf structure can be used to create a variety of ambience by matching frequently used objects and small objects.

Bathroom finest furniture material

The furniture material is resistant to external stimuli by adopting the finest high gloss finish material so that deformation does not occur in a humid bathroom, and the deterioration of the product does not occur.
Especially, a mirror made of a non-copper material does not show any corrosion, discoloration or rusting even after a long time.

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