Hwaseong Center introduction

There are Factory with the culture, art and nature. It’s Royal&Company Hwaseong Center

Architectural Philosophy

There are architects who want people to live according to design intent.
In the beginning of the 20th century many architects thought,
I made this space so you live this way.
Houses whichmade with such intentions always make people
passive who live in there. Rather, it should be made
into a space that is active and emptied so that given space
can be reinterpreted as a space that can open my life and thoughts.
A space that is the background of the life of the people in it,
the events in it. It was the basic concept of the architect and
the architect who designed the Hwa-seong Center.
People together
Royal & Company is a company that produces products that are sensitive
to human body and water. The people involved are more like craftsmen who
have made precise products for decades than simply office workers.
Therefore, they are very sensitive and their individuality is clear.
We have created a space where people can be united and have common ideas.
It is the restaurant to eat rice.
A panoramic view of the beautiful four seasons is unfolded
in restaurant of Hwaseong Center. You can feel the four seasons
through eyes and feel the temperature through the wind path.
With art
The architects exhibited their works of art in various places
throughout the Hwaseong Center, so that members could appreciate works
of art even if only their eyes could see them.
It was to make culture and art more familiar and close to personal life.
Through this, I hope that rich artistic inspiration and factors
will affect the process of making products.
With features of terrain
Flat land is efficient for building factories
but the Hwa-sung Center was a land with slopes
But because there was a slope, there was a good forest and there was a slope,
so we could design a three - dimensional space.
Using the terrain, bridges are created and you can move between
the first and second floors without using mechanical devices.
As a result, there was a space where several logistics could bury each building,
and as we organized these things spatially, stairs,
bridges and entrances that were difficult to see elsewhere appeared
here and there We expect to see nature in each of these elements and
that our experience will become more beautiful as our
lives become more beautiful.

Production CenterHwaseong Center introduction

Production Building(R6) : It is a large scale water faucet production factory with 6 floors (about 12,000 pyeong scale=39,600SQM) (faucet, bidet, production of strategic products)

Ceramics(R8) : Large-scale pottery production plant of 5,000 py

Assembly(R5) : Royal Commas product factory with 4,500 pyeong(14,850SQM) and 6 floors

Resin(R7) : 2,500 pyeong(8,250SQM) scale, handmade products, toilet parts, faucet core parts factory

Logistics Center(R8) : 5,000-pyeong(16,500SQM) logistics center

Manage & Institute center

Main building(R1), Education Center(R2),Training center B/D (R3), Art house B/D (R4)

The main building, which consists of three floors above ground and one floor above the ground,
The Royal & Company's administrative headquarters is a place where employees
and researchers work, especially for high-value bath products that It is a
place where research activities for development are made.

The training center includes concert halls, academy rooms, bathroom showrooms,
art galleries, and an indoor gym on the fourth floor,

Training Center B/D has a common room for more than 100 people, a double room,
a private room, a shower room,There is a galley, especially a central garden, which offers a cozy rest.

The three-story Art House is a residential space to support
talented artists and provides a work and residential complex.

Royal Art House

The Art House is composed of 3 buildings and is a residence space for artists. Royal & Company provides a space that combines work and residence so that they can devote to work by sponsoring talented writers

The HwaSeong Center of Royal & Company, It has 100,000㎡ (about 30,000 pyeong) scale. It has integrated the logistics warehouses of Incheon, Gwangju and Busan and also integrated with three factories including Juan, Bupyeong, and Dohwa-dong in Incheon and it has integrated R & D center, training center, exhibition hall, gallery and indoor gymnasium.
It is a new concept plant that is difficult to see in Korea, where production and culture arts are integrated together, such as equipped educational buildings and art houses.

Royal Academy

The exhibition space for ever-larger size will become a reality, and athletic facilities for employees and study rooms for local students will be available. In addition, various humanities lectures will be held in the same way as Seoul office building.

Royal Training Center

The training center offers various workshops, training for new employees, and training for dealers. Classrooms and lecture halls are available at the training center.


The Royal HwaSeong Center provides plenty of space for relaxation, including outdoor gardens and central gardens for employees to relax.