ROYAL Series Colorful Life
Colorful Life

Depending on your mood, seasonal bath color changes

Bathroom Remodeling Full Package Colorful Life

Personalized bathroom with my own personal decoration, colorful life

My own personal bathroom interior ! DIY Wall

The basic tiles and the walls constructed with paints create an exotic feel.
The wall made of waterproof paint is strong against the wet environment and it is easy to change the color according to the individual taste.

Colorful Life Module

Utilizing waterproof paint of the desired color, it creates a different bathroom atmosphere against the existing tile wall.
A combination of white tiles and colorful paintings will create your own unique bathroom space.

Shower module
Wash Basin Module
Toilet module

Wash Basin

Soap-mounted integrated washbasin

Simple, modern design with soft and flexible curves up to the bottom

  1. Wash basin size : 550 x 370 x 450mm
Basin faucet

Inno Design Representative Kim Young Se designed
Royal's finest VINi series premium product with modern
and chic design that clearly distinguishes from conventional faucet style

One-piece skirt type toilet

Stylish and trendy design that Trap is hidden from the outside
It is easy to maintain and clean the product,
and it can be conveniently used with side lever type handle.

Shelf-type rain shower

Made of aluminum and rugged durable shower

  1. 1 520-mm large sized upper shelf
  2. 2 Rotating shower head that can hang shower towel, shower ball, etc. with lower towel rack
  3. 3 Height adjustable and angle adjustable with five hanger

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