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Encountering with the bathroom and high tech products! Smart Bathroom

Smart + Simple + Customized

Smart + Simple + Customized Encountering with the bathroom and high tech products!
Smart Bathroom

Smart: The smartest bathroom in the world through digital new technology
Simple: The most clean bathroom in the world with various storage space and simple design
Cumtomized: You can make your only one bathroom selecting with the color and structure.

Features and components
Basin Module more Furniture module more Shower Module more Toilet Module more
R3 Wash basin module
  • 1.Smart onetouch On / Off button

    The preset temperature and amount of water can be controlled
    as one touch On/Off so that the troubles of touching cold water would be disappeared.

  • 2.Automatic sensor and auto lighting

    In front of the sink, the temperature and amount of water are displayed automatically
    LED lights are on.

  • 3.Washbasin cleaning function

    There is a cleaning function that cleans the washbasin cleanly.
    Washbasin can be used.

  • 4.Toothbrush sterilization function

    Ultraviolet automatic toothbrush sterilizer is built in, so family's toothbrush
    You can manage it hygienically.

  • 5.Washbasin storage

    Small accessories that are easy to lose in the bathroom
    You can put it together.

R3 cabinet module
  • 1.Mirror cabinet : Make it possible to store up to a small space and make combs and cosmetics.
    You can organize it cleanly.
  • 2.Storage : : You can keep your towels and bath supplies neat.
R3 Shower Module
  • 1.Smart ONE-ON / OFF button

    The preset temperature and amount of water can be used as one touch ON / OFF,
    and the trouble of touching cold water disappears.

  • 2.Automatic sensor and auto lighting

    In front of the shower, the temperature and the amount of water are automatically displayed instantly and
    LED lights are turned on.

  • 3.Remote Control

    You can start and stop the shower with just one remote control button without the hassle of avoiding the sudden pouring cold water.

  • 4.Storage function

    Convenient access to the front storage compartment, comfortable bathroom amenities,
    side storage space extra bathroom amenities. It can be stored effectively.

  • 5.Hand Shower

    You can set the desired height by adjusting the height.
    The shower hose is long, which is convenient when cleaning or cleaning the child's feet.

R3 Toilet Module
  • 1.LED lighting function

    In front of the toilet, you can use it comfortably in the middle of the night, automatically lighting the light momentarily.
    (The lighting is comfortable brightness below 30 lux which does not snow)

  • 2.Self-drain function

    After use, it can be used conveniently by giving water draining automatically

  • 3.Storage function for the cleaning brush

    The cleaning brush, which was difficult to put outside, can be stored in a hidden space on the side of the module.

Smart sensible bathroom

The automatic sensors mounted on the module each recognize the user and provide LED illumination.
The lighting provided by the module provides a gentle, warm light that does not snow.
You can operate each module with smart touch method and provide various convenient functions.

Integration of next generation technology

[Shower module] You can store bathroom accessories in the front of module body and side drawer.
[Washbasin module] Smart touch operation method, pottery cleaning function, toothbrush disinfection function are provided.
[Smart Touch] ] Lightly touch your finger without turning the handle or pressing the power button.
You can activate the desired function.
[LED Lighting]Provides warm lighting when the module sensor detects the user.


To decorate your own bathroom space
I want the color of the module and the shape of the furniture
You can choose according to your taste.

Various functional storage space

In addition to the optional storage space, each module provides a variety of storage space.

Shower Module Module body You can store bathroom accessories in the front and side drawer.

Wash basin module The bottom compartment provides a storage box with toothbrush disinfection function.

Toilet Module The upper storage compartment of the module provides storage of various products such as feminine goods, and the side has a function to store toilet brush and so on.

Convenient function

Pottery cleaning function Pottery cleaning function is provided separately for washroom module A type. Touch the cleaning icon to wash the pottery clean for 10 seconds.

Remote control functionTo prevent cold water from reaching your body in winter, control the water with your remote control to match your desired temperature.

Toothbrush sterilization function The built-in ultraviolet automatic toothbrush sterilizer turns off automatically after the door is closed for about 10 minutes.

Pursuing customer satisfaction

Based on the authenticity of customers' emotions and sensitivity, it is a package born out of product development and quality research.
The royal reputation, which uses 10 years without a trouble, gives users high satisfaction and confidence.

로얄컴바스 - 세면기모듈 - 08 - GUI - 세면기B.jpg
로얄컴바스 - 세면기모듈 - 08 - GUI - 세면기B.jpg
로얄컴바스 - 세면기모듈 - 08 - GUI - 세면기B
로얄컴바스 - 세면기모듈 - 08 - GUI - 세면기B.jpg 로얄컴바스 - 세면기모듈 - 08 - GUI - 세면기B