Company Introduction

CI Introduction

We express Presige as a company specializes in “water” through curvy and rhythmical shapes
of water drops on top of the “R” symbol. The expanding business areas which
Royal & Co Ltd(former Royal ToTo) engages in are symbolized under the main symbol.

Symbol Mark

By using red as a main color of the CI symbol, we try to express the forward-looking and dynamic spirit of the company which leads the bathroom culture. In addition, we design the symbol into a comprehensive and global motif in consideration of our plan to enter international markets and various business areas.

Logo Type
ROYAL&CO Royal&Company

The company always being with customers with best of best products which leads the market for the premium and higher life style


A company that provides valued and essential value like desert spring water(Ideal Oasis), Royal & Company’s Sister Company for Ceramic Sanitary Distribution

Color Type
Royal Red
  • Pontone 186C
  • C 0  M100  Y 100  K 0
  • R 255  G 0  B 0
Royal Gray
  • Pontone Cool Gray 10C
  • C 64  M 54  Y 52  K 52
  • R 71  G 71  B 71
  • Pontone 874C
  • Pontone 877C
Brand Vision
A Company leading Bathroom culture

A bathroom specialized brand which has enhanced the values of a bathroom oriented for the needs of customers.

Core values
Glory space, a encouters with water