ROYAL Series Unique Black
Unique Black

Black and white module for your taste with Delicate and chic

Bathroom Remodeling Full Package Unique Black

It is an industrial-style bathroom that creates a modern
feeling by utilizing a unique proportional feeling and black color in the bathroom.

Unique Black Module

Unique Black is made up of shower module, washstand module and toilet module.
Bathroom furniture with black frame and proportional feeling makes the space more personal and modern.

Shower module
Wash Basin Module
Toilet module

Wash Basin

A wash basin focused with a clean bowl border line

Produce a sophisticated atmosphere with a console-type faucet

Black faucet

Black matte Top bowl faucet creates a luxurious bathroom space balance with white sanitary ceramic

One-piece skirt type toilet

Enclosed lid type product, with unified sense of tank line and simplicity
Also, the soft curves of the sides reveal a sophisticated image

Black shelf type rain shower

From pipe to lane head, it is a simple & unique design in black edition that has been reborn into a shelf-like rain shower as
a luxury with handle designed to drop water droplets falling into
a shelf-like rain shower that has been reborn.

  1. 1 Apply shower towel hanger using left side guide
  2. 2 Rotating type sunflower shower head can be rotated in any direction for convenient use
  3. 3 Height adjustable and angle adjustable by pipe hanger
Tissue Hanger

Black matt tissue hanger


Deluxe ventilator, High airtight backflow prevention damper.
Low power LED application, low noise


LED Lamp(LED light 6inch 20W) long power life
Reduced maintenance costs and reduced electricity costs compared to incandescent bulbs

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