ROYAL Series White Essense
White Essence

Basic and easy yet simple and tasteful bathroom!

Bathroom Remodeling Full Package White Essence

White Essense is a simple bathroom space with practicality and durability

White Essense Module

Through various stone tiles, we have expressed the beauty and features of the material properly and added a sense of space depth.
In addition, the built-in cabinet and open-type sub-cabinet maximize the practicality of storage as well as create an elegant bathroom atmosphere as an interior element.

Shower module
Wash Basin Module
Toilet module

Wash Basin

Soap-mounted integrated washbasin

  1. 1 One-piece washbasin with simple and modern square frame design based on the classical square design
  2. 2 User convenience with integrated soap holder
  3. 3 Practical design emphasizing space utilization
  4. 4 Available water quantity : 6.5 liters
  5. 5 SIZE: 540(W) *450(D) *355(H) mm
One-piece skirt type toilet

Enclosed lid type product, with unified sense of tank line and simplicity
Also, the soft curves of the sides reveal a sophisticated image

Sliding mirror cabinet

The sliding door and flap type coexist in the door and the excellent usage feeling
In pursuit of a beautiful design, install the light under the bottom of the bathroom
and improve overall mood

  1. 1 Material: PS
  2. 2 Size : 1200x580x166mm
White Essence Bathtub type

White Apron Bathtub
There is a storage space on the side and it is convenient to use.

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