Royal H
Royal H

Bathroom Remodeling Partial Package

Partial Package Royal H

Bathroom health changed only one day

Wash basin

The square type design has a soap bar embedded in it,
with a wall that encloses all traps,
angle valves, etc. Wash basin

  1. 1  Available water quantity : 6.5 liter
  2. 2  KS Certification No. : L620
  3. 3  Wash basin Size : 540x450x355mm
Basin faucet

Modern and chic design that clearly distinguishes
from conventional faucet style

Royal's finest VINI series premium product
designed by Inno design’s Mr. Kim Young-se
Ceramic Integrated Bidet
  • Smooth streamline type gives high-quality design identity
  • Eliminate unnecessary lines and embellishments to the utmost, ergonomic design minimizes volume
Remote controller
  • Unique and luxurious atmosphere with unique metal design (RB3250 / 3200)
  • BAR type (Wall attachment function) that distinguishes it from other remote controller (RB3250 / 3200)
  • Easy-to-operate square type remote control (RB3150 / 3100)
Product Features
  • Water tank method maintains constant water washing performance irrespective of water supply environment
  • Automatic flushing, Soft opening and closing, automatic nozzle cleaning, deodorizing function (RB3150 / 3250), antibacterial resin
  • The inside of the nozzle is coated with antibacterial resin, the exterior is made of stainless steel, and excellent antibacterial power and clean image
  • Excellent flame retardancy and moisture-proof property
  • SIZE : 395ⅹ730ⅹ557mm(Width x Length x Height)

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