Pursuing the new values...

Royal & Company has been providing the various service to the customers through supporting the
culture and art to contributing the social responsibility together with customers for past 50 years
Based on the various and consecutive culture and art support program for last 10years,
We are continuously pursuing the new value to connect “society-enterprise-art”
with more expanded pace and various program at Royal Hwaseong Center.

Art Gallery

Gallery Royal is actively introduced the authors
who actively engaged in the genre of modern art without the barrier of art gener.
I am introducing the authors.
From the media installation and painting to extend to Archtecture, Design, handicraft etc,
we are pursuing and communicating.
Through this, it is well matched with the living with culture.
Art gallery want to be the space which is carefully hearing the each author.

Art House

Art house is located at the Royal Hwaseong Center and is to support the media, installation, Sculpt, Painting etc. It is providing the best creating place at the best circustomstance for all of modern painting with the local and overseas authors providing with dormitory residency service.

Royal Academy

Royal Academy is the general art planning academy with numerous Artist,
architects, writers, scholars, critics, cultural planners and various instructors.
This is an educational program that is planned more deepened thought for the
humanities, the philosophy, the art history. The various academy lessons are operated
with one day lesson to hobby periodical class for more than 150 times per year for courses
that provide information about the interior and exterior of the interior.