Royal Basic
Royal Basic

Completion of the state-of-the-art bathroom that fits your senses and your eyes

Bathroom Remodeling Full Package Royal Basic

Completion of minimalism for couples or single family. Simple, space-efficient
bathroom interior package


A long-sleeved washbasin covering all traps and angle valves

  1. 1  Available Quantity : 9 liters
  2. 2  KS certification number : L610
  3. 3  Washbasin size : 600x465x190mm
Shower combined faucet

A faucet that can be used with toilet and shower

Toilet bowl

Classic design type toilet bowl

Wall tile

Tiles produced by RoyalColor : Light ivory color
Size : 600x300mm

Floor tile

Anti-slip non-slip type tileColor : Light ivory color
Size : 300x300mm

Product Lineup

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