ROYAL Series Relaxing Moment
Relaxing Moment

Healing space for family!

Bathroom Remodeling Full Package Relaxing Moment

Comfortable bathroom package specially designed for relaxation and healing that gives
a natural and comfortable feeling with wood pattern material and basic tile layout

Relaxing Moment Module

The Relaxing Spot is made up of a wood tone modular bathroom furniture, semi-bath and relaxation chairs, making it a healing space for users to feel comfortable and comfortable, not just a place to stay in the bathroom.

Shower module
Wash Basin Module
Toilet module

Top ball washbasin

Large fresh water volume container and outstanding design

Top ball type washbasin with outstanding fresh water volume and design
It is applied to marble top plate and it is not damaged by bathroom interior accessories as well.


The shimmering pink gold color captivates the eye and offers
luxurious bathrooms with luxurious comfort.

Toilet module

It is a product that combines the mirror mirror and the bathroom mirror,
and the module has a sense of unity and simplicity

  1. 1 Luxurious and sophisticated design products by applying high-quality furniture (cover) instead of toilet tank
  2. 2 Apply a luxurious, easy-to-clean skirt-type toilet
  3. 3 Can also be used as shelf function on toilet’s furniture
  4. 4 Applied handle designed with advanced lever type

Ergonomic all-in-one design

  1. 1 Luxurious metallic silver color
  2. 2 Premium shelf with high-gloss finish that is resistant to water resistance
  3. 3 Shelf and front part adopting advanced tempered glass
  4. 4 Convenient dial control panel
  5. 5 Easy to use hand shower stand integrated type
  • 1Rain shower head
  • 2Luxury quadrilateral type pipe
  • 3Hand shower
  • 4Shelves for tempered glass
  • 5Water flow out change dial
  • 6Temperature control dial
Sliding top cabinet

The naturalness of wood is applied to the
sliding top cabinet to seek the luxury and naturalness of the bathroom Material : PVC / Size : 1200(W)X748(H)X200(D) mm

Bottom cabinet

Various storage space with naturalness of wood
Size : 1150(W)X520(H)X350(D)mm

Half Bathtub

Consist of a concealed-type faucet and semi-bath tub
A chair is installed in the bathtub, so you can enjoy half bathing even more comfortably.

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