Royal Modern
Royal Modern

Completion of the state-of-the-art bathroom that fits your senses and your eyes

Bathroom Remodeling Full Package Royal Modern

The shower room and the wall tile construction are two-folded to create a three-dimensional atmosphere of the space,
and a sliding multi-bath room of 1,200 mm is included, so that a more practical bathroom can be used.

Wash Basin

All-in-one wash basin with trap, angle valve, etc.

  1. 1  Available water capacity : 6 liter
  2. 2  2. KS Certification No. : L610
  3. 3  3. Basin size : 556x440x414mm
Basin Faucet

Royal & Company Premium faucet VINI series!
It consists of a cylindrical body and simple handle

Toilet bowl

Classic design type toilet bowl

Shower Faucet

Streamlined body and grip with good grip handle

Sliding Mirror cabinet

Large two-door sliding slot of 1200mm Size

Application of guide bar to prevent falling of bathroom products ㅣSize : 1200x800mm

8mm tempered glass(with upper safety bar)

Slide bar

Shower head holder is adjustable in angle and easy to use and equipped with soap dish


Acrylic material bath with little discoloration, apron bath side storage space

Wall tile

Tiles produced by Royal Color : Grey
Size : 600x300mm

Point tile

Color : Modern grey
Size : 600x300mm

Floor tile

Anti-slip non-slip type tileColor : Dark grey
Size : 600x300mm

Ceiling material Flat type and Dome alternatives

VentilatorLow noise / high performance Himpel’s fan

Lighting(LED light)

Product Lineup