ROYAL Series Minimal Luxury
Minimal Luxury

High-end premium bathroom with minimalist design of concealed-type bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling Full Package Minimal Luxury

The Minimal Luxury package is a premium bathroom that takes advantage
of the spaciousness and tile material's original value.

Minimal Luxury Module

Through various stone tiles, we have saved the beauty and features
of the material properly and added a sense of space depth.

Shower module
Wash Basin Module
Toilet module

Wash Basin

Flat type installed washbasin of square type

  1. The portion connecting to the inside of the basin bowl is
    processed by the curved products emphasizing the shape of waves
Basin bottom cabinet

Express the luxury and cleanliness of marble
Seeking ease of use and high quality through harmonization of drawer and exposure space

Built in bathroom cabinet

Folding door style, the latest interior item.
Various bathroom accessories can be stored

Product Lineup