commbath R2
Communication with bathroom R2

Start new paradigm for the bathroom, CommBath R2

Start communicating with the bathroom
Set the temperature as desired and until the water’s strength and time.
It is possible with one button.

Selected as “Korean Luxury Premium”at the premium bathroom of the PROUD 2016

Classic + Digital + Luxury The combination of analog feeling pottery
and digital manipulation system
will allow you to experience
a new but familiar sensation.

The digital controls consists of the same UI of each module,
and various built in storage spaces
and multi-functional bathroom products are hidden in various places.
It contained everything in the bathroom,
but it contained the needs of the users who did not show it out.

Features and components
Shower module more Shower storage more Hinokki Chair more Basin Module more Toilet module more Toilet storage more Toilet storage more Basin drawer more
R2 Shower Module
  • 1.The shower head can be folded open and closed, and can be used as a storage space.
    If the head is closed, water will not flow into the storage space after automatically detected.
  • 2.When the water temperature rises above 50 degrees, automatically stop water flow.
  • 3.Since the hand shower is embedded in the body of shower module,
    cleanliness after use is neat.
  • 4..[Hinoki chair] Made of Japanese white cotton tree,
    the hinoki chair is made of phytoncide.
    It emits a rich fragrance and gives the same effect as a forest bath.
  • 5.[Remote control] Remote control with temperature control,
    flow control and time control
  • 6.High gloss coating and moisture resistant material [PVC material]
R2 Furniture module
  • 1.Water resitant high gloss special coating and moisture resistant material(PVC)
  • 2.Smart design without water retention
  • 3.Maximize storage space by utilizing efficient space
  • 4.Convenient use with safety guard
  • 5.Automatic ultraviolet toothbrush sterilizer with hygienic priority
  • 6.Creat a cool space with a large sized mirror
  • 7.Convenient outlet box built-in
Top mirror storage
Counter drawers
Toilet cleaner storage
R2 Basin Module
  • 1.Pottery sanitory + Furniture + Faucet(Digital water supply system)
  • 2.Easy to use digital pressure control buttons & intuitive UI design
  • 3.Water supply system that fails naturally like a waterfall in the embedded spout in module control.
  • 4.[Shelf/Drawer] High quality artificial marble with excellent durability. Prevents leaking to the drawer due to the groove at the end of the shelf, high gloss coating, aluminum dege finishing.
  • 5.[UV toothbrush Sterilizer] Automatically sterilized by lighting for 5 minutes at intervals of 3 hours
  • 6.Large capacity ceramic pottery to drain 6 liters(700mm x 375mm)
R2 Toilet Module
  • 1.The toilet tank is embedded in the inside of the module, so it has a simple design and noise reduction effect.
  • 2.Auto drain function(optional) sendor detects the user and automatically drains the water after use
  • 3.[Storage compartment of the toilet] Storage (magazine rack) + toilet paper hook + toilet seat with the ability to hold
  • 4.Apply high quality and easy to clean skirt type pottery
commbath The world’s first modular bathroom

Compared to the old type bathroom products which was installed separately each,
the Modular bathroomproducts incorporating faucets, wash basins,
storage and mirrors combine the same concept as furniture or home appliances
and can be moved and re-moved even when moving and re-installation.

Differentiation of Bathrooms Represented Luxury Homes

Previously, there was a lack of differentiation between luxury houses and general houses, while R2 reflected the needs of luxury home owners with its modern, classical design and various functions, as well as enhancing the value of the house.


Depending on the environment of the bathroom space and individual taste,
you can add color and various types of
storage cabinets to create your own bathroom space.

Next generation new technology

Shower module you can control the temperature and amount of desired water with the button on the digital control panel or the remote control.

Wash basin module The water spontaneously falls off the square spout, and the control panel of the wash basin module provides the same UI as the shower module.
In addition, since the ultraviolet toothbrush sterilizier is built in, it is easy to manage hygiene.

Patent and certification Good design selection and patent certification for module consturciton.

Pursuing customer satisfaction

Based on the authenticity of customers’ emotions and sensitivity, the package was created by devoting to product development and quality research.

Various functionalstorage space

Built-in The head of the rain shower can be folded open, can be closed, and can be used as a storage space.

Storage space In addition to the iterms housed in existing furniture, it also provides a function to store the resting hanger, toilet bowl, magazine holder, toothbrush without exposing it.

Convenient function

Hinoki chair A hinoki chair is provided in the shower module, and it uses the water-resitant cotton wood to give the effect that the phytoncide gathers a rich fragrance to take a forest bath.

Remote control You can control the temperature of the shower, adjust the flow rate, and adjust the time, so you can use the water of the desired temperature before the shower.

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