Join the Royal Bidet in the bathroom where your day begins.

Happy space, a person and water meet

A feeling of freshness that makes you feel refreshing

Accumulated technology and know-how spreading bidetfor the first time in Korea Technique for people, design with happiness / Unmatched softness and perfect feeling

Royal & Company was the first company to develop and distribute BIDET in Korea in 1994 with its advanced technology and reputation.
The artisan enterprises with meticulous attention to ergonomics has decades of accumulated technology and know-how considering your health a top priority for the technology and the people who came on to make more quality products.

Royal’s Bidet

Ceramic integrated Bidet

Your bidet with sense!
Bidet's luxury goods equipped with stability and high-tech features in a fresh design!
Bathroom culture Leading company Combining the cutting-edge technology of Royal & Company and luxury design, it is one of the finest domestic ceramics integrated bidets

Common key functions

  • Automatic watering down
  • Nozzle flame retardant • Antimicrobial resin
  • Automatic pottery cleaning
  • Soft opening and closing
  • Fine adjustment of nozzle position
  • Bar Type Remote Control
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning
  • Child function
  • Deodorizing function
  • Self-diagnostic function
  • 2 in 1 silver nano (Ag)
  • Power function


  • Overall, soft streamlined type. High quality design compared to other companies. Identification.
  • Minimize necessary lines and embellishment elements. Minimize volume with ergonomic design.
Remote control
  • Unique and luxurious atmosphere with unique metal design (RB3250 / 3200)
  • BAR type (Wall attachment function) that distinguishes it from other remote controller (RB3250 / 3200)
  • Easy-to-operate square type remote control (RB3150 / 3100)
Product Features
  • Water tank method maintains constant water washing performance irrespective of water supply environment
  • Animal dropping, soft opening and closing, automatic nozzle cleaning, deodorizing function, antibacterial resin
  • The inside of the nozzle is coated with antibacterial resin, and the exterior is made of stainless steel, and excellent antibacterial power and clean image
  • Excellent flame retardancy and moisture-proof property
  • SIZE : 395ⅹ730ⅹ557mm(Width x Length x Height)
  • Deodorizing function(RB3150/3250)
  • Automatic watering down. Automatic pottery cleaning. Fine adjustment of nozzle position. Automatic nozzle cleaning. Deodorizing function. 2 in 1 silver nano (Ag) nozzle. Flame retardant • Antibacterial resin. Soft opening and closing. Bar Type Remote control. Children's features. Self-diagnosis function. Power function


Auto drain function
  • Large / urine-separated automatic wash function. (Large: 6 L / small: 4.5 L)
  • Hygienic and management by minimizing surface curvature and grooves
  • Modern and sophisticated design with square design
Direct connection with water tank
  • The only tornado washing method in Korea
Supersonic wave electronic control system
  • Washing with one remote control (from bidet operation to status check)
  • Easy to install on site by specially developed connection drain pipe
  • SIZE: 410 ⅹ720 ⅹ525mm (width x length x height)


Auto drain function
  • Automatically enlarged / cleaned according to seat usage time
    (Large: 6L / small: 4.5L, remote control Large / no urinal button)
  • Skirt-like design minimizes surface curvature for hygienic and easy management
Direct connection with water tank
  • Siphon water jet. Pressure wash water
  • The only tornado washing method in Korea
Super water saving, electronic control system
  • Operation and operation of water with remote control작
  • Happy shit, Clean and wash, Bidet, Dry mode
  • Easy installation with special development connection pipe
  • Size: 390x710x525mm (WxDxH)


Premium Bidet RB1950R Premium Bidet with delicate technology and sensibility to enjoy clear, clean comfort and free

Smooth and perfect water droplet cleaning, careful attention to user through remote control. Up to the sophisticated beauty that utilizes the sleek line of sports cars. Meticulous craftsmanship and emotional design meet, you will enjoy plenty of clean comfort and space.

Product Features
  • Soft and perfect water drop cleaning and soft cleaning
  • Careful attention to user through remote control
  • Sophisticated sports car utilizing sleek lines
  • Size : 470 x 533mm(Width x Length)
  • Water polish, Continuous hot water, Child function, Alarm function / Remote control
  • Detecting human body seating sensor (infrared) / Soft opening & closing function / deodorizing function
  • 7-step adjustable for water pressure and warm air / 2 in 1 silver nano (Ag) nozzle
Smart Bidet

If you do not use it, it will be turn off with hidden display. A touch-operated control panel of the hidden display will be visible only when you use it. Domestic / Overseas Patent Application and Design Registered Products for the differentiation function of the bidet

Hidden display touch button, simple design
  • Three power-saving buttons for energy saving
  • Round type body design that can be installed on various designs of pottery
  • SIZE: 471ⅹ534mm (width x length)
Main function
  • Massage, Human body detection Seating sensor, Hydraulic / Warm air 5 step adjustment, Hot water, Seat temperature control
  • 4-step adjustment, fine adjustment of nozzle position, move, power / step-down, continuous hot water
  • Function, air bubble cleaning, low pressure automatic adjustment, 2 in 1 silver nano (Ag) nozzle
Hidden Display Control Panel

The operation button is automatically displayed as an LED lamp only when it is used. Simple and stylish design that is automatically turned off and convenient and pleasant feeling of touch-type buttons Shining hidden display control part (Patent registered: 1012345160000)

  • If it is not used, Only Power display will be lightened to display with LED
  • When the user touches the control panel while the user is not sitting on the seat, only the control and auxiliary function buttons are lit
  • When the user sits on the seat (when seating is detected) Main function button lighting (stop, washing, bidet, drying, deodorization)
  • When you touch the control panel while the user is sitting on the seat, all function buttons are lit (all lit)
Luxurious line and color harmony
  • Luxurious design with black color (RB1200)
  • Flame retardant application and moisture proofing / Child function / Operation part moisture proof switch
  • Enhanced user convenience by adopting the animal down function (RB1170 / 1270)
  • SIZE: 475ⅹ532.5mm (width x length)
Main function
  • Tornado cleaning / Massage cleaning / Alarm function
  • Detection sensor for human body / Soft opening / closing / deodorization / Automatic watering down
  • Hydropneumatic and warm air 5-step adjustable / 2 in 1 silver nano (Ag) nozzle

Royal Bidet Merit

Consider various tastes of users
  • Water drop cleaning
  • air bubble cleaning
  • whirlpool cleaning
  • Move Cleaning
  • Massage Cleaning
  • Adjust cleaning position
  • Child cleaning mode
    (Water pressure, Temperature control)
Consider comfort and convenience features and hygiene
  • Nozzle Self Cleaning
  • Warm air dry
  • Warm seat
  • Deodorization
  • Seat slow down
  • Automatic water down for the toilet
  • Remote Control
  • Safety Water proof design
  • Braille display
  • 2 in 1 Silver Nano Nozzle
  • Automatic function
  • Alarm function
  • Stainless Nozzle
Consider power saving and safety Soft start cleaning

In order to prevent a shock caused by a water shock when suddenly washing with strong water, even if the water washing step is set to a strong water, washing is started from a low water washing step

Self-diagnostic function

Applied various safety protection devices such as display of fault contents in case of failure of main parts such as hot water temperature sensor, seating sensor, power saving function, application of flame retardant resin, temperature fuse, bimetal switch, float switch, overcurrent protection fuse

Wasing technology

Water bubble cleaning

It is the most advanced cleaning method which is soft and has a good cleaning effect by jetting 70 drops
of water in 1 second by the electronic pump.
It is the only state-of-the-art cleaning method developed with the technical guidance of TOTO

Air bubble Cleaning(Air mixing)

A cleaning method which can feel high washing force and softness by
injecting air by forced air into washing water by air pump

Tornado jet cleaning

Washing Nozzle It is sprayed with water droplet by many projections in the water jet hole, and is clean and clean.

Optimal cleaning nozzle considering hygiene
Royal Nozzle

It is designed so that water is sprayed at an angle when the cleaning nozzle comes out only to the back of the hips during cleaning, so that the cleaning effect is high and hygienic so that the washed dirt does not touch the nozzle

Other nozzle

In general, when cleaning, the nozzle may come close to the bottom of the hips and water may be sprayed at an angle close to the vertical, so that the feeling of washing feeling may be felt, and the washed dirt may reach the nozzle, which is unsanitary

Line-up comparison

Category Pottery Integrated bidet General bidet
RB3250 RB2500 RB2400 RB1100Series
RB1500Series RB1600Series RB1900Series
Cleaning function Cleaning ways Normal cleaning Normal cleaning Normal cleaning Tornado cleaning Air bubble cleaning Normal cleaning Normal cleaning Water bubble cleaning
Anal cleaning
Bidet cleaning
Child cleaning mode
Move cleaning
Massage cleaing
Adjust of cleaning position
Water pressure control
Warm water temperature control
Convenient and clean hygiene Automatic function
Nozzle self cleaning
Warm air dry RB1300/1400 X
RB1350/1450 ○
RB1500 X
RB1530 ○
Warm air temperature control RB1300/1400 X
RB1350/1450 ○
RB1500 X
RB1530 ○
Heating seat
Seat temperature control
Deodorizing function RB1100/1200 X
RB1150/1250 ○
RB1170/1270 ○
RB1300/1400 X
RB1350/1450 ○
RB1630 X
RB1650 ○
Seat/Seat cover
Slow down
Automatic water down
RB1170/1270 ○
Remote control RB1900(R) ○
Braille display
Alarm function
Nozzle cleaning
Power saving / Safety Soft start cleaning modd
Seating detection sensor
Power saving function
Self diagnosis function
Others Stainless nozzle Hidden display touch control plate Stainless nozzle Stainless nozzle