ROYAL Series Royal Signature
Royal Signature

Modern, urban minimalist bathroom!

Bathroom Remodeling Full Package Royal Signature

The Royal signiture package is a stylish,
refined bathroom with a minimalism emphasis

Royal Signature Module

The contrast between marble patterned tile
and stone texture tile creates a modern and urban luxury with minimalism.

Shower module
Wash Basin Module
Toilet module

Wash Basin Module

Integrated design of pottery, furniture, faucet

  1. 1 pottery + furniture + faucet (digital water supply system)
  2. 2 Easy-to-use digital pressure control buttons & intuitive UI design)
  3. 3 Water supply method that spontaneously falls like a waterfall from a spout buried in the module control part
  4. 4 [Shelf / Drawer] High quality artificial marble with excellent durability.
    High gloss coating, aluminum edge finish
  5. 5 [Ultraviolet toothbrush sterilizer] Automatically sterilized by lighting for 5 minutes at 3-hour intervals
  6. 6 Large capacity pottery to drain 6 liters(700mm x 375mm)
Toilet module
  • 1The toilet tank is embedded in the inside of the module, so it has simple design and noise reduction effect.
  • 2Automatic watering function (optional) The sensor detects the user and automatically drains the water after use.
  • 3[Toilet compartment] storage (magazine rack) + hanger hanger + toilet seat with the ability to hold
  • 4High quality and easy-to-clean skirt type pottery

Shower module

  1. 1 The shower head can be folded open and closed, and can be used as a storage space.
    If the head is closed, water will not flow to the storage space automatically stop.
  2. 2 When the water temperature rises above 50 degrees, it is automatically stopped to prevent burns.
  3. 3 The hand shower is embedded in the body, so it will be clean after use.
  4. 4 [hinoki chairs] Made from Japanese white linen, the hinoki chair is made of phytoncide.
    It emits a rich fragrance and gives the same effect as a forest bath.
  5. 5 [Remote control] Remote control with temperature control, flow control and time control
  6. 6 High-gloss paint and moisture-resistant material [PVC material]

Luxurious independent whirlpool tub

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