START OF ROYAL Launch of Royal & Company,
From chairman
Park Shin-kyu

In 1951, when the Korean War continued, Chairman Park Shin-kyu started his career as a newspaper reporter. He worked as a journalist in Daegu, earned the title of the youngest social leader, and even climbed to the position of chief editor in the editorial department. He kept integrity when bribes were rampant, Park Shin-kyu, who did not forsake the fact that only the truth should be passed on to his readers and opened the second act of his life as a businessman after quit the newspaper. President Park Jong-wook reminded his father Park Shin-kyu, in memory. "When he was a journalist, my father 's nickname was' razor'. It is because of the very strong temperament, such as writing critical articles and raising frustration with the desk because of the political burden. He also said that he always brought home half of his salary because he helped the economically difficult people around him. So I think that he turned eyes to business whether he thought that it is difficult to protect his old mother and many children in job as a newspaper reporter

Jump into bathroom products manufacturing

In 1970, Park Shin-kyu, who came out of a newspaper company, jumped into textile business. It was a suggestion from a friend who had a machine to make a cotton textile(a chemical cotton that complements the disadvantages of cotton or cotton called as “Cashmilon”) in bedding,. It was a so small company that the family had to take off all feet, thanks to diligent work, money was collected and invested seed money in Royal metal company by introduction of acquaintance. Then, in 1976, his friend who was a representative of pottery factory, left the world by cancer and asked Park Shin-kyu to take over the father changed business to manufacturing bathroom products after acquired Royal Metal company. It is time when the current Royal & Company started.

Leading Growth through Management of Sharing

Park Shin-kyu said he did not abandon his belief of reporters in newspaper while doing business. When President Park Jong-wook graduated from university and entered the company as a member of ordinary employee, Park Shin-kyu said We are not eating a calf abundantly everyday. isn’t it We can not say we are happy even though have more money and more enjoyment. It is important to share the fruits of effort with those who worked together while feeling the reward and accomplishment in doing business. " "It is not wrong to have a steak because you can afford it, but if you tell the story of a steak in front of a person who barely can boiled instant noodles , it is no different than a sin." The company has been doing well because it considers the people who work with them, shares the benefits gained through sincere labor, and saves them with the right personality. And along with the high growth of our country's economy, the Royal has grown at a rapid pace.