THE BIRTH OF ROYAL COMMBATH The birth of a sophisticated modular bathroom

Bathrooms are a very versatile space. It is a bathroom where you can take a shower or a bath and also a toilet where you can freshen up. It is a healing space where you can make up your clothes and makeup, or just take a rest for yourself. The bathrooms are packed with numerous products and tools for these various purposes. Shower, bathtub, shower booth, washbasin, toilet, mirror, storage box are essential, and there are plenty of shampoo, rinse, toothpaste, toothbrush, cleansing for body, body cleansing, razor, cosmetics, toilet paper.

Is it impossible to have a sensible design, a clean and smart bathroom? This is the starting point for the birth of the Royal commbath as the bathroom module brand in 2011. The easiest way to organize your bathrooms neatly is by built-in. However, it is difficult to remove existing wall realistically, and if it breaks down, it is troublesome to re-open new wall. be that as it may, there is a disadvantage that if you put a wall over the wall, the bathroom becomes narrower.

At this point, the Royal commbath’s module concept came to mind in the researchers. Once you build up a virtual wall after you've gotten out of unnecessary part, you will remain a washbasin, toilet, a shower. As a result, the outside shower head, hose, toilet paper hanger, water tank of the toilet was neatly arranged and empty spaces that next to the shower and under the washbasin were transformed into usable storage space.

At the same time, each module has a lot of user-centered smart functions that can be operated with remote control and buttons. The shower module remembers the user's preferred temperature, the amount of water used, the time of shower, the washbasin module locks water, wipes the washbasin, and disinfects the toothbrush instead of busy user. For those who are looking for toilet in a dark night, the toilet lights automatically turn on the soft light and quietly drain the water.

It is also advantageous to be able to choose the color, material, structure and so on according to the lifestyle and taste of the user freely. It is a called 'customizing bathroom'. Royal's pride is embedded in this special bathroom system. I wanted to make a smart bathroom with actual necessary function and make user's eyes happy while store stuff stylish, unified design and neat storage The Royal commbath will continue to be new. We will meet consumers with new efforts such as combining IOT (Internet of Things) technology which is getting popular recently and reducing the price burden with a more compact design. "