with Toto Japan

In the late 1970s, Royal began to grow for the first bathroom products expert manufacturer in Korea and made an efforts to technology development. We have produced faucets that can be used for each cold and hot water separately and also the toilet. but the market response was not hot. It was pretty hard to compete with Japanese products which the advanced technology at the time. Royal has been thinking how to improve quality in a short period of time, We had decision that a technology partner was needed for this

CEO Park Jong-wook, look back the time. In 1980, we established a technical alliance with Toto which is the largest bathroom goods manufacturer in Japan. At that time, Toto Japan which had only one or two percent of its exports wanted to get chance for overseas expansion. Royal needed advanced skills and know-how, so their both needs fell well. My father who have a passion for business with proficient Japanese skills, he made a big contribution to convince Toto

We made the first products in Korea variously

After a technical alliance with Toto Japan, Royal began to show products with the word "first in Korea". In 1983, we developed a single-lever faucet that allows one to adjust the water quantity with temperature freely by turning one knob to the left and right, mixing cold water and hot water, and moving the water up and down freely. The next year, we made human body sensor for toilet urinals and auto water faucets with only hands touch. In 1985, we also introduced air towels to dry wet hands. everything was the first things in Korea. With the active investment in technology, we made faucet that controlled by temperature in the bath or sauna for the first time in Korea. As a result of that effort, Royal has occupied 60 to 70% of the bathroom products market from the late 80's to the 90's. At that time, housing construction was booming and supply was not able to keep up with demand. It was possible by combining the advanced technology of the Royal and the rapidly growing market.