PHILOSOPHY OF MANAGEMENT cultivate good land for the next generation

<Everyone is going to live to be loved. Although human beings seek money, honor and power, the essence of them is love from the people around them.

We are living to get recognition and love from family and friends, go further from work colleagues and from society. The same is true for the management philosophy of Park Jong-wook.

As a manager, it is our ultimate goal and management philosophy to share more with people who work together and to be recognized and loved. Under this philosophy, President Park Jong-wook promised his employees the following four things.

First, although manufacturing is difficult, we overcome it with our employees, Second, we creates a workplace together where both managers and employees are happy, Third, it is to share the benefits of management in abundance and evenness. The fourth as last is to make Royal & Company a good place to hand over to the next generation. For above four things, we will improve the strengths of our manufacturing industry through our leading technology, Everyone is making efforts to make better workplace which called Royal & Company has enough value for the next generation.

This management philosophy of the CEO, Mr. Jong Wook, Park, is evident in the construction of the Mars Center. In recent years, Korea's manufacturing industry has moved to lower-wage countries such as China, It is a common trend to import from there and sell products. that’s why, investment in R & D could be passive. But Royal & Company took a different way.

We are building a high-value-added product by strengthening the technology and R & D that we have built over the past decades by establishing the Hwaseong Center and steadily strengthen our position as a premium brand in the global market."Going to a low-wage country and selling products cheaply is just a lingered. Management that emphasizes price competitiveness is at a limit and it is hard to find hope to pass on to the next generation. This choice is not a business judgment but an area of philosophy. It is necessary to think philosophically about the meaning of life and the value of enterprise before merely gaining profit and loss. Through this, we want to present a solid vision for our employees and an excellent product for our customer’s life value. With this management philosophy that has been led by, Chairman, Park Shin-kyu, Royal & Company is taking another step toward the future with employees and consumers. "